I'm Hannah. I have a background in language and history, trying to get things to fit together and make some sort of story. I like bikes and rocks and coffee,  cheese and words and bobbly bits of landscape. Sometimes it all comes together.

I write mostly about bike rides and the landscape through which we ride. You'll find me on a hillside somewhere waving my arms at something exciting.


Current projects

It's all about the Pennines: there's going to be a new guidebook for the Pennine Bridleway appearing in May 2021. Thanks Covid for constantly adjusting the deadline. Pre-order it here: PBW book

Plus a guide to the Great North Trail which runs from Middleton Top in the Peak to either Cape Wrath or John O'Groats. 800 miles of ever-changing landscape and history.

There might just be the odd article for Cranked magazine popping up, too.

The blog will, eventually, have snippets of hopefully interesting stuff as I do the research but that won't make it into a guide book less than 17 volumes.



Forthcoming:  May 2021 Pennine Bridleway Guidebook from Vertebrate Publishing Pre-order here: PBW book

2020 CRANKED Magazine Vol. 23 - The Bear Bones Way.

Chatting and sorting the world out with Stuart Wright of Bear Bones bikepacking 'fame'.

CYCLE magazine from Cycling UK.

Short article about bikepacking and a one night trip with beginners.

2020 CRANKED Magazine Vol. 22 - Mary Towneley Loop.

A short look at some of the history on and off the trails round the South Pennines

2018 CRANKED Magazine Vol. 18 - Borrowdale Rocks

What tyres for what rocks? Geology and geomorphology in the Lakes

2017 CRANKED Magazine Vol. 12 - The History Joys

What is there to discover on your normal, local, mundane ride? More than you think.

If you're not familiar with CRANKED mag then have a nosy here:



There's two twitter and insta accounts: the mountainposture ones deal with general rubbish, the greatnorthtrail ones more with The Great North Trail and Pennine Bridleway.

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